Maximum Force Shield


DemoThe Maximum Force Shield (MF Shield) is a new product that allows police officers to restrain and immobilize violent suspects without the dangers associated with traditional restraining methods.The MF Shield is ideal for breaking up fights among inmates or any crowd situation. The “clam” like design of the MF Shield makes it ideal to be used in confined spaces such as when doing cell extractions. One Maximum Force Shield is all that's needed when doing cell extractions. Typically officers will move into a small cell holding the MF Shield in a close position and open it just before making contact with the subject. The Maximum Force Shield, due to its design, allows for a quick deployment and less need for protection devices used by officers. This results in time saving and money savings to any department.

Two Are Better Than One!

DemoThe Maximum Force Shield was designed as a response to the problem of officers getting injured in the job when restraining combative subjects. The design of the MF-Shield is that of two capture shields held together as a flexible device that allows for a wide area of protection for the officers doing the restraining of combative subjects. In addition, the "clam" like shield serves to contain any violent force by the combative subjects while at the same time it protects them from injuries to themselves. With the MF-Shield the officers apply an even distribution of pressure on subjects over a large area of two capture shields. This even distribution of pressure on a subject allows him to breathe while safely containing most of his aggressive movements within the double clam shield.

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